summer and family time

we have had jeremy’s mom visiting us the past week and have tried to do a few fun things…

like roam saratoga for a day…

congress park! such a beautiful park, we enjoyed a picnic by the water and the animals, even the duck that makala made friends with after she gave it a piece of her sandwich. (she didn’t realized when she gave the duck a bite of her bread that it would only intrigue the duck to attack her stay for more.)

and our picnic from landon’s point of veiw

and he didn’t want to miss out on a picture of himself too…

then for our bigger day out we went up to lake george, beginning our day at million dollar beach

fabulous sand castle with a giant mote!  (notice jeremy’s “water” leg) landon spent much of the day in the towel and eating with an occasional swim and play in the sand

and makala had a little fun of her own… (i’m not sure she really absorbed the lecture)

after the beach we enjoyed  a very nice boat ride on the mochigan

and after our boat ride we ate dinner on one of the deck restaurants, walked the boardwalk, shopped the outlets, and finished the night off with some famous and fabulous martha’s!!

i had a really great icecream face picture of makala that i would have LOVED to post, but she would NEVER forgive me… teenagers for ya…

it was a nice time and we were lucky to have beautiful weather too!  hope you are enjoying the wonderful times that summer brings yourself!


One response to “summer and family time

  1. i’m catching up on all my blogs… it looks like you guys had a lot of fun this summer!! 🙂 i love jeremy’s water leg! that’s awesome!! 🙂

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